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Built with a mixture of IM 10 and 12 high strength graphite, stainless steel flow-thru guides that allow the bobber stop to move freely. Designed for comfort and sensitivity  these rods will allow you to feel the top of a stump, the middle of a brush pile or feel your way through an old stake bed.  Giving you the ability to feel those subtle bites you will put more fish in the boat.  You will easily be able to pull a slab out of the heavy cover and over the side of the boat. Never settle for a wimpy rod again! Pick one up and feel what you’ve been missing.

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Rod Lenghts Available!

8′ designed for casting lightweight jigs with or without cork.

10′ jigging rods with amazing sensitivity and lots of power.

11′ jigging rods the same as 10′ but another 1′ of reach.

12′ the absolute lightest, strongest 12′ rod I’ve ever held.

14′ designed specifically for trolling and spider rigging.

16′ same as 14′ just more reach for shallow or spooky Crappie.

Note; the 10′,11′, and 12′ rods are available in mid or rear seat.

the 12′ is available in cork and EVA foam.

Trolling rods are all EVA foam.

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