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“There is no rod known to man that I can’t build or repair”.       -Bill Taylor

Bill has been building rods since 1998 after discovering he could build a high quality rod for about a third of the price. He starts with a high end rod blank and then custom fits the handle to the customers preference.  From there he adds a Fuji Reel seat, and  then adds a custom fit fore grip.  After joining the pieces together he lines them on  the spline of the blank. He uses the “Fuji concept system” to measure for the guides.  Then he picks out the number of guides according to the use for the rod and then sequences them on the blank.  Wrapping comes next with the color of the thread to be chosen by the customer.  The guides are then lined up by laser to ensure that they are perfectly aligned.  Drying comes next by rotating each rod until the epoxy sets.  24 hours later the customer picks up a custom made rod ready to fish! Custom names and logo’s can easily be added to make a great personalized gift!

Reel Cleaning

In reel cleaning there are many steps involved in the process.

     First I visually and mechanically inspect the reel to be sure everything is working
according to factory specs. I also ask the customer what is the problem(ie) what is the reel doing or not doing. I try to get as much info about the reel as I can in order to better diagnose the problem(s).
In the cleaning process I fully disassemble the reel component by component and lay the out for further inspection. After fully disassembling the reel, I manually clean the outer parts such as the frame palming plates on either side to remover the tough residue and build up on each part. The cleaning solution I use is JEWLERS GRADE cleaning solution as to not damage any of the components that make up the reel.

     After fully inspecting each component of the entire reel making sure everything and all components are there and I am satisfied with that, I remove the thumb pieces on the crank handle as most people are not aware that in a great number of reels there are also 2 ball bearings inside there. Each and every component of the reel then goes into the “Ultra Sonic” cleaner for a cycle to remove the smallest amount of dirt, old oil old grease and any other foreign matter that still be hiding in the most obscure places, especially the bearings and all the working and moving components that make this particular reel.

     After a cycle in the “Ultra Sonic cleaner, I then rince off all the cleaning solution from each and all of the components of the reel under cool running water. I then use a small air compressor to then completely dry all the parts of the reel before starting the reassembly process. Again inspecting each component of the reel for anything that the “Ultra Sonic” cleaner may have left behind. If that be the case, then it will get another bath in the “Ultra sonic” cleaner for a second time. Many times this has been the case as a great deal of anglers do not give much attention to the equipment until it fails. In the process of reassembly I apply a small amount of a very high grade of lubricants to only where they are suppose to be and NOT in the entire reel. After complete reassembly, I then check the reel for function, smoothness, and quietness as well as the drag system. At any time in the cleaning and disassembly process I find a drag washer worn or not holding, I will replace it from stock I have on hand. I DO NOT mark up the price of any replacement parts in any form or fashion, I only charge for the cleaning. I’m already inside the reel and is no problem to replace or repair any part that my be needed so. I always save the worn or damaged parts for the customer to see what has been done to make his/her reel function as it should like the day it was bought new, and there have been many instances that when I have cleaned a reel and reassembled it a great number of the time is smoother than the day it was new.

     Hard to believe, but I have a host of customers that can verify that as fact. I can also “Super Tune” most reels, but that can get expensive. However the bearings that I replace the stock bearings with are
CERAMIC. I always tell a customer who may be thinking about super tuning their reel, they had best be planning on keeping that particular reel for a very long time, as ceramic bearings simply do not wear out
in 5 to 8 years. They are made to last a very long time. That is what it takes to clean/repair and put a reel back into service.

     Just a quick note. A friend of mine brought me a reel that he hooked on to at a local lake still attached to the rod. A shimano CU 100. After doing some checking I found the reel to be about 17 years old. Weather it was on the bottom of the lake that long, I can’t verify, buy after taking it apart it was full of mud and a host of “crap” that should not be there. Well after 3 baths in the ultra sonic cleaner and 3 days of scrubbing and cleaning by hand, I was able to put it back together and is in use to day. What was nice to see in this reel is all of the internal components were made of either brass or stainless steel. Not like the modern ones in use from the last 8 years.

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