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A Couple Of Lousy Tournaments But What A Year! | Gass Fishing

The fishing season ended on a rough note for my last 3 tournaments.  Hef and I had a boat breakdown during one, and Ryan and I just couldn’t seem to get anything going in the other two.  With 4 tournament wins under our belts this year there is no room for complaining though!  I consider one or two wins on Rend a year to be spectacular so the bar has been set very high for 2017.  I won’t be in the area as often to practice as I’d like either which could make things really interesting for us.

Late last night on my way home I got a little flashback to my late teens and early 20s when I was less than a mile away from my house driving down Pershing Road (the death trap) when I saw some flashers up ahead and a huge shadow laying across the road.  Once I established there was a wreck I backed up and flipped my hazards on and rushed up to the car but on my way up I realized the shadow was an old black Mare and the car involved was super tiny.  Fearing the worse I got up to the car and saw another bystander talking with the driver who was still in her car and obviously in severe shock but was physically unharmed so I went back to check on the horse which was trying to get up.  My first job ever was working with show horses and then race horses so I’ve been around them.  As the old girl tried to get back up she couldn’t quite get her back two up because they were broken.  The horse had literally rolled over the car.  Not seeing any bleeding at all and seeing a swollen belly you could put two and two together and tell she didn’t have long.  I sat there with her and comforted her until she took those last few gasps and the eyes glazed over.  I won’t lie it was a little emotional.  The fire department showed up and I got to see a couple of old friends which reminded me how much I didn’t miss that job (not the friends but the emergencies).

Once again I was given some compliments on the site and blog and how well I was at telling stories so I thank you “Bekka”.  I assure you none of these are made up and I get that gift from my late Uncle.  He was able to tell a story so real you would believe you were there even if it happened 25 years ago.

The really big news is I was able secure a sponsorship and a partnership with a bait maker with an outstanding record and I will be able to continue building this platform through them!  Everything for the last 10 months or so have been so awesome with everything falling in line that soon nobody will see me in that dreaded mailman uniform ever again!  I really look forward to taking this site national and do what I love for a living.  Thank you to everyone who reads these and supports what I do!

signing off,


(No fish, All Hef’s fault!  Dead last place! hahah)