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A Good Man Gone Too Soon | Gass Fishing

I begin this writing tonight on an extremely sad note. Jonathan lost his life a few days ago after a short battle with lung cancer. It’s incredibly frustrating and confusing when you see a guy my age who loved what he did for a living and genuinely enjoyed life being taken away. I still remember the last night we talked in person. Me, Hef, and a few of the guys met up with him at Michaels when it was in Zeigler for a wing night during his Christmas break since he was in town from Arizona. We ate, had a great time, shook hands and wished him well going home. I told him right before I walked out the door that we’d all have to come visit him soon which he replied “Ya right, you guys won’t”. He was correct. None of us made it out there to him. There have been so many great things posted on his timeline dedicated to his memory on Facebook that I don’t feel I need to repeat them.  You’ll see how many lives the guy touched.  This is just a temporary goodbye “Nut”, or better yet a see ya later.


Before I get to fishing I’d like to pass on the word that the Annual Elk’s Benefit Buddy Bass Tournament will be held at Rend Lake this Sunday.  The pre meeting is Saturday the 5th at 6:00 p.m.  You can sign up all the way up until then.  There will be an auction before hand and the money goes to a great cause.  For more information you can contact me or Alan at Rend Lake Sporting Goods.  If you’re freed up come on out it’s a great time!

On another note (before fishing) I have to say a Huge THANKYOU!!! to everyone for making this blog what it is.  I had a couple more people come up to me this week and tell me that they enjoy reading it and that means the world.  I promise you I don’t fabricate these stories and anyone who fishes with me will tell you it’s as genuine as it gets.  This has been the best year of my life with all the things that I’ve gotten accomplished.  I’m sitting out back on a huge cedar deck that looks amazing and really compliments my newly finished house that I never thought I’d get completed.  I’ve got a great business that I’m trying to get up off the ground, and I’m back to exercising and eating right which I hadn’t done in a couple of years and feel great.   Ok, enough about me.

Hef and I fished last Sunday night in order to practice for the upcoming Wednesday nighter.  It started off great when the second spot we got on produced a nice fish.  Shortly after we boated a small one.  I think we both just wanted to get away and ease our minds about Jonathan so we ended up going to the farthest north end of Gun Creek to get away from all the boat traffic and fish relaxed.  The fish must have heard us coming because they packed up and left and we didn’t catch another FISH the rest of the night….That’s right you read correctly.  Our most exciting part of the night was still yet to come.  We wanted to fish rocks the last hour for some explosive top water action and did we get it, in spades…   Hef had flung his zara spook parallel to the rocks when we saw a snake surface right next to it.  He tried to pull the bait over the top but accidently wound up driving the treble hooks right into it. One shake from the snake caused the other hooks to dig in and the fight was on. None of this helped being the fact we looked like two girls dancing around the boat along Interstate 57 with everyone watching. I had no choice (which I still regret) but to use the paddle on the snake. If I had it to do over again I would’ve put my big boy pants on and grabbed it. Hef you had to catch a 3 footer didn’t ya? Well since it was me and Hef you know things aren’t over. I told him let’s moved down to Highway 154 for the last 20 minutes of fishing. Same scenario only this time I parallel my buzzbait down a bank the same time a Blue Heron Crain fly’s out wrapping my bait in its wings. The bird flew off in a panic but couldn’t get far. I was certainly not going to kill another animal that night, and especially not a fellow fisherman. I began reeling the big “marlin” in and cutting line away as not to leave any chance of the bird getting wrapped up. It finally made its way up to the bank as did we and Hef began to step out of the boat. I asked “what you doing”? He said “you got my bait out of the snake, so I’m going to go get yours”. I thought to myself this will be good, Hef is going to get all torn up. The bird saw big bearded guy heading up to it flapped its wings one more time and shook the bait. What luck! Hef jumped back into the boat and I told him let’s just get the hell out of here before we do anymore damage. Nut I hope you got a good laugh looking down buddy but there will be many more to come.

The tournament didn’t go so hot.  We caught plenty of fish but I lost a huge one due to a stupid mistake that I must own, Hef made sure of it.  We both fished extremely poor and not only lost what would’ve been big bass and the winning weight, but we lost double that.  It happens to everyone it just hurts is all.  Once again Nut has to be smiling down on that.  Signing off.