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Just Waiting On The Dawn | Gass Fishing

Well, the time has officially changed and we’ve fallen back to early sunsets but for a morning person like myself I’m excited because that means I can get it on the morning bite even earlier!  I didn’t get too much sleep last night and found myself at a diner in Carbondale at 3 in the morning.  Last night I had no clue where Toby and I would be fishing today but I decided on Crab Orchard since I don’t get here as often as I’d like.  Word has it that the bass are feeding up for the winter time and the numbers have been good.  I’m trying out a new bait and color for a guy who will be selling it through my website once the ecommerce side of my business gets started.

I will say one thing about owning a business.  Anyone who gets upset by a person who if financially successful with their business or “makes too much money” has never attempted to start something like this on their own.  I’ve put in countless hours learning website design, Video editing, YouTube marketing, and camera fundamentals.  Not too mention the school of hard knocks that come from learning accounting.  The only bright side is dealing with the IRS (yes I said it).  They are happily paying me to drive to the lake and do what I love and I can’t thank them enough for that :).  Even half of this meal is on them!

I just polished off my coffee and am heading to Walmart to pick up a trailer or 2 for my baits and will be off to the lake.  I’m hoping for an early sunrise.  I’ll be fishing along 13 most of the morning before looking for warmer water.

Signing off