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A Little Fishing and Alot of Work | Gass Fishing

November came and went really quickly this year.  I got a lot of fishing in but didn’t get all of the good video footage I was hoping for.  Don’t get me wrong, I was able to get some great shots for my upcoming video vlogs but wasn’t able to hook up with the larger fish I wanted.  I was fortunate enough to get to go crappie fishing last weekend with Kevin Hall at Rend Lake.  We were pretty close when it came to numbers but he smoked me when it came to the size of the fish.  Of the keepers we came back with he was responsible for 75% of them.  The guy lives for crappie fishing and it definitely showed with the results.

The site is coming along really well as I’m set to roll out the store section of my website where local anglers who build their own lures will be able to sell them through me.  It will start slow like all things but I have a great head start thanks to a couple of companies that are by that are provided by the website. Also I’ve been fortunate to run into a couple of video producers who will be helping me shoot the intro and outro to my YouTube channel which will start airing in February/March.

A huge shout out to my old school friend Dane (Dangerous) Johns for his and his good friend’s help in laying the musical tracks for my videos free of charge.  I owe ya guys!

I will only be blogging periodically as I’m busier than ever as 5 years of hard work is about to be delivered in a couple of months and then I will be back at it hopefully blogging two or three times a week.

I would love to say I love my underground electric doggie fence system, but I can not because my dog runs right through it, I bought mine from amazon, and recently switched to another company extreme dog fence this system is more similar like the big companies install professionally, the main difference is extreme dog fence is a diy dog fence kit, and is about half the price.

Signing off