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We are in the home Stretch! | Gass Fishing

Well winter started off strong back in December but has ultimately been one of the most mild that we’ve had in the past few years.  What few times I’ve been able to get out to the lakes I’ve done pretty well and the site is almost wrapped up.  I decided to do a quick blog tonight as I’m taking a break from building a website for a lady friend of mine.  She’s done a lot for our community and I hope to deliver her a darn good website to help her business along.

Toby is laying here snoring and running in his sleep which is always entertaining to watch.  I’ve had so many people comment about my first YouTube video which will be the opening theme for the fishing shows during the first season and with all the positive feedback I’ve gotten, I’m now confident that I can produce some great fishing videos for people to enjoy.  I had a lot of fun making this one which was all shot around Cedar Lake and Rend lake a few weeks ago.  The videos will help promote small businesses that are involved with the fishing industry and we will get some tournament and fishing highlights of Hef and I’s adventures during the 2017 season.

My e-commerce site is almost finished and I’ll begin selling either in April or May depending on my schedule.  It feels like Christmas was just a couple of weeks ago and with time flying so fast I’m way behind on getting the new boat ready for the opening season which will begin on May 7th for me.  Let’s hope to equal the success I had last year and due to a little greed, perhaps build upon it.  I’m looking more forward to this year than any other since I started making this my part time occupation.

signing off, G.