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Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake

A 1750 acres hidden gem that sits just southwest of Carbondale and the SIU campus was dammed up to provide tap water for the municipality and the result, one of the most beautiful lakes in Southern Illinois.

There are extensive trails wrapping around the lake with bluffs over looking.  Cedar is well known for 3 major species.  The bass fishing would be number one.  A survey of the lake taken by the IDNR ( reports that the average length is 17 inches with an 2.4lbs average weight!  There are many tournaments held here throughout the year and often times a 20lbs bag won’t even get you the win. Crappie size here is also incredible.  Over half of the Crappie taken in the survey were greater than 10 inches which really says something about the health of the lake.  The most surprising statistic can be attributed to the large size and quantities of Red Ear Sunfish which are incredibly tasty.  The lake is subject to a slot limit on bass and several size stipulations which must be adhered to and a maximum 10hp outboard is strictly enforced.

There are two main boat ramps, one off of US 51 and the other located in Pomona.  Both are free to launch from.

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