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The Founder & Guide of Crappie Predator, Nick Shafer, established this Crappie Fishing Guiding Service for Southern Illinois because, he wanted a work life that resembled not only his hobby life, but his overall lifestyle.  Nick spends every possible minute on the water pursuing Crappie, Bass, Catfish and White Bass.  When Nick isn’t Crappie fishing, he is usually found at his other passion, hunting waterfowl.

Nick is a former U.S. Marine and has established an impressive welding career over the past few years.  Currently, he has turned his attention to serving clients through Crappie Predator as a full-time aspiration because, it is his true passion.  Nick’s oldest son, also shares Nick’s passion for not only crappie fishing, but the outdoors in general; Nick has no problem passing on the business to their son if he wants to someday take on this venture.  Nick and his wife just recently added to their family in 2009 a baby girl; and she can count on spending countless days Crappie fishing on her daddy’s boat even on the days that she does not want to.

Competitive and recreational Crappie fishing for 25 years, Nick is able to serve you at various lakes located in Southern Illinois which includes: Rend Lake, Lake of Egypt, and Kinkaid Lake.  Because Crappie Predator is available to serve you all year round, many fishing styles as well as different species of fish are available to suit your tastes and needs…all you need to do is ask.

Do not think that Crappie fishing is just in the Spring and Fall months.  Crappie fishing is great year round.  Rend Lake Crappie fishing never slows down, it just changes where and how we fish.  As long as the lake isn’t frozen and we can get our boats in the water, we can catch Crappie!

Guided Crappie Trips!

Southern Illinois premier crappie guide service serving Rend lake, lake of Egypt, and Kinkaid lake.

Hogging Catfish Trips!
Southern Illinois premier catfish hoggin and rod and reel  guide service offering hoggin trip on Rend lake for giant flathead catfish and rod and reel trips for channel catfish.
Bass Fishing Guided Trips

Southern Illinois premier bass guide service serving Rend lake and lake of Egypt.

White Bass Guided Trips!

Offering white bass trips on Rend lake.


Rates depend on lake and amount of clients to be served!

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